Founded in 2005, Model Public Education College (MPEC) is based in Chandausi town of  Sambhal District, Uttar Pradesh, India. The college runs Master of Education (M.Ed), Bachelor of Education (B. Ed), Master of Social Work (M.S.W.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A) programmes. In a short span of time the college has established itself as a prominent educational institution in Western region of Uttar Pradesh imparting among others teachers training programme.


To provide quality teacher education resulting in harmonious development of the pupil teachers and to provide socially productive individuals

Our Mission

IMG 20201023 WA0001President's Message

Welcome to the Model Public Education College, where excellence in Teachers Education & student-oriented learning hold the priority. MPEC is the perfect launching Pad for prospective teachers. In this fast changing global economy, I firmly believe that Education holds the key to our economic development whereby we can achieve individual as well as social progress.

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