Model Public Education College is situated on Behjoi Road on the outskirts of Chandausi city in a peaceful, pollution-free environment. The college has airy and clean classrooms, laboratories, library, reading room, principal room, girls’ common room and office. The college also has a canteen.

The following are the details of the facilities available:

Room No. 1: Class room
Room No. 2: Guest room or principal office
Room No. 3: Class room
Room No. 4: Class room
Room No. 5: Laboratory
Room No. 6: Laboratory
Room No. 7: Library
Room No. 8: Staff room
Room No. 9: Computer room
Room No. 10: Office
Room No. 11: Generator room
Room No. 12: Laboratory
Room No. 13: Girls common room
Room No. 14: Store