A famous social worker Mr. Heera Lal Yadav organized an exhibition in Model Public Education College on 03/10/2011. The theme of exhibition was female feticide & to pay honour to Indian soldier who sacrifice their life to protect our county. Mr. Yadav delivered an effective speech on female feticide & started that it is a crime & we all the responsible for this and we have to be aware of this crime and should do our best effort to aware the society against this evil. Mr. Yadav told various facts related to the Indian soldier & their family which were quite enough to shake the mind of audience.

                The exhibition was inaugurated by the president of institute, Dr.O.P. Kanchan and Mr. Ashok Yadav. The Lamp Ceremony was completed by Shri Rajesh Shankar Raju (Chairman Nagar Palika Bahjoi). Dr. Rajkumar Goyal, Dr. Stuti Vashishtha, Dr. Amita Singh, Mr. Prabhat Kumar, Mr.Ritesh Kumar Saxena, Mr. Sumit Kumar, Dr. Pawan Thakur, Mr. Deepak Gupta and Mr. Lalit Gangwar contributed for making the programme a success.

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